Thorntons Special Toffee

Nutritional table
100g per portion (25g)
Nutrients 100g per portion (25g)
Energy kJ/kcal2097/502524.25/125.5
Fat g287
of which Saturates g153.75
Carbohydrates g6115.25
of which Sugars g4812
Protein g1.80.45
Salt g0.700.18

Special Toffee in Brief

The number of attempts it it took to get the recipe right
The year Thorntons was founded
Thorntons Special Toffee has had the same recipe since 1925

In brief

Thorntons Special Toffee was fist created in 1925 by Stanley Thornton, who founded Thorntons Ltd with his brother Norman in 1921. Thorntons Special Toffee is made from brown sugar, syrup, and butter and comes in bite size portions. A 25 gram portion contains 126.

Nutritional Factsheet

Thorntons Special Toffee

Did you know?
The recipe for Thorntons Special Toffee has not changed since 1925.
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