Nutritional table
100g per portion (15g) % RI*
Nutrients 100g per portion (15g) % RI*
Energy kJ/Kcal2252/539336/804%
Fat g30.94.67%
of which Saturates g10.61.68%
Carbohydrates g57.58.63%
of which Sugars g56.38.49%
Protein g6.30.92%
Salt g0.110.020%
*RI = Reference Intake, EU Directive 2008/100/CE

Nutella in Brief

The year Nutella took its name and its iconic recipe
A 15g portion of Nutella (a heaped teaspoonful) contains 80 calories
Nutella is the UK’s best-loved spread

Nutella as part of a varied diet

Nutella was first created in the 1940s by Mr Pietro Ferrero, a patisserie maker and founder of the Ferrero company. Originally named ‘Pasta Gianduja’, reflecting one of the main ingredients, it was renamed Nutella in 1964 and, shortly afterwards, was introduced to the UK. A single portion of Nutella (15g), which equates to one heaped teaspoon, contains 80 calories, and can be enjoyed as part of a varied diet. In practice this means that a breakfast with a single 15g portion of Nutella is comparable in calories to a breakfast with a serving of jam or marmalade with butter.

Nutritional Factsheet


Did you know?
Nutella was launched the UK in 1966.
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