Kinder Chocolate with Cereals

Nutritional table
100g per portion (23.5g) % RI*
Nutrients 100g per portion (23.5g) % RI*
Energy kJ/kcal2342/561549/1327%
Fat g33.87.911%
of which Saturates g21.95.126%
Carbohydrates g54.912.95%
of which Sugars g49.111.513%
Protein g8.624%
Salt g0.280.071%
*RI = Reference Intake, EU Directive 2008/100/CE

Kinder chocolate with cereals in brief

The year Kinder Chocolate with Cereals launched in the UK
Number of calories in each individual Kinder Chocolate with Cereals bar
Different cereals in each Kinder Chocolate with Cereals bar


In 1976, two years after Kinder Surprise, Kinder Chocolate with Cereals was launched, emerging in the UK in 2013. It added puffed and toasted grains; Barley, Rice, Wheat, Spelt and Buckwheat to the milky filling and chocolate coating of the traditional Kinder product. Aimed at older children looking for something extra, Kinder Chocolate with Cereals is also available in mini form, individually wrapped in a sharing bag to promote portion-controlled consumption.

Nutritional Factsheet

Kinder Chocolate with Cereals

Did you know?
Kinder Chocolate with Cereals contains almost a third milk constituents
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