Kinder Cards

Nutritional table
100g per portion (12.8g) % RI*
Nutrients 100g per portion (12.8g) % RI*
Energy kJ/kcal2157 kJ/516 kcal276 kJ/66 kcal3%
Fat g26.93.4 g5%
of which Saturates g12.91.79%
Carbohydrates g55.57.13%
of which Sugars g435.56%
Protein g11.91.53%
Salt g0.4380.0561%
*RI = Reference Intake, EU Directive 2008/100/CE

Kinder Cards in brief

The year Kinder Cards launched in the UK
The number of calories in a wrapped portion of
The creamy filling encased in a wafer makes for a convenient treat with no mess

Surprisingly Creamy

Created in 2017, Kinder Cards are one of the newest Ferrero innovations. With the aim of bringing Ferrero into the biscuit market, Kinder Cards had a European launch but were introduced to the UK in 2021. They are a unique biscuit, encasing a surprisingly creamy milk and cocoa filling within cocoa and milk wafers. The wafers protect the creamy heart to guarantee the best quality, taste, and a clean convenience. When enjoyed through Thoughtful Treating, the unique taste truly comes alive, as every bite is thoughtfully savoured. Kinder Cards are wrapped in pairs, providing a convenient portion. Learn more about why smaller portions are important here.

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