Eat Natural Fibre Packed Fruit & Nut Bar

Nutritional table
100g per portion (45g)
Nutrients 100g per portion (45g)
Energy (kJ / kcal)1830 / 438823 / 197
Fat (g)21.59.7
of which Saturates (g)9.64.3
Carbohydrates (g)49.222.1
of which Sugars (g)30.713.8
Fibre (g)6.93.1
Protein (g)8.53.8
Salt (g)0.050.02

Fibre Packed in brief

Each Eat Natural fruit and nut bar contains only 4 key ingredients
Each Eat Natural bar contains no artificial flavours, colours, or any preservatives
Each 100g Eat Natural Fibre packed bar contains 6.9g of fibre

Convenient Fibre

Eat Natural was founded in 1997 but acquired by Ferrero in 2020. Recognising the value of fibre in the diet, such as a maintained bowel health and lower cholesterol levels, the Eat Natural fibre packed bar was created to offer a convenient way to get add a good amount of fibre to the diet. The fibre packed bar is a high fibre mix of crunchy peanuts and almonds, juicy figs, toasted coconut and crispy rice atop a thick, luxurious dark chocolate base. With a final sprinkle of sea salt for serious satisfaction. Each bar is individually wrapped – learn why small portions are important here. To learn more about the varied Eat Natural range, click here.

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