Sugar In Brief

Ferrero has sourced 100% refined cane sugar from sustainable sources since August 2020
Ferrero does not use genetically modified sugars
Ferrero has been a member of the Bonsucro-Better Sugar Cane Initiative since 2010

Why do we use it?

Sugar is essential to delivering the unique taste and texture of our products. We commonly use sucrose, an ingredient which is formed of the sugars glucose and fructose. Sucrose is usually obtained from cut sugar beet and crushed sugar cane. Both plants produce a sugary liquid that is filtered and purified. The liquid is then heated to evaporate the water leaving small crystals, which become bigger and more numerous as the product is cooled. Ferrero’s sugar comes roughly three quarters from sugar beet and one quarter from sugar cane.

Products with distinctive properties may contain other sugars in varying quantities, such as dextrose, glucose syrup and glucose-fructose.

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Read about how Ferrero helps consumers reduce or limit their consumption of sugar here.

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The science of sugar: an important study (read it here) using a new methodology to show that total sugars consumption is not associated with Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular risks.

Where do we get it from?

We use sugar from both cane and beet sources, generally using locally produced sugar when we can.

How do we address quality and sustainability?

For our sugar cane supply, we actively seek to improve the sustainability of the sector. To do this, we maintain strong and trusted relationships with our sugar suppliers.  One of our key commitments was to source all our refined cane sugar from sustainable sources by 2020, and we’re formally engaging with suppliers who have sustainable strategies.  We achieved this in August of 2020 and continue to be an industry leader on sugar sourcing.

We have been members of the Bonsucro-Better Sugar Cane Initiative since 2010. The organisation fosters the sustainability of the industry through its metric-based certification scheme. Today its members total over 400 in 32 different countries, representing all stages off the production chain. The Bonsucro-Better Sugar Cane initiative therefore is a strong partner to help promote the acceleration of sugarcane sustainability in different countries.

Did you know?
The total volume of sugar purchased by Ferrero can be broken down into approximately 1/4 refined cane sugar and 3/4 beet sugar.
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