Milk in brief

Milk is a key ingredient in Ferrero products such as Nutella and Kinder Chocolate
Ferrero develops and nurtures long-term relationships with milk producers
The Milk Supply Chain Partnership Project ensures direct contact between milk producers and processors

How do we use it?

A key ingredient in Ferrero products is milk; which might be liquid or powdered, whole milk or skimmed.

Pasteurised milk undergoes very little in the way of treatment. After the milking, the cooling, the collection in the stables and the transportation, the milk is analysed and placed in a centrifuge to regulate the fat content. It is then pasteurised at 75°C for just few seconds and cooled once again. This heat treatment keeps the milk fresh, while also providing a safe food product that is free from harmful bacteria.

Powdered milk is produced from fresh milk that has been pasteurised. The water content, around 87%, is then removed. The process occurs in two phases. Firstly, the fresh milk is concentrated, but is still liquid. In the second, the milk concentrate is put into contact with very high temperature air which causes the water content to evaporate completely, giving powdered milk. The milk is then used as soon as possible to maintain the freshness that sets Ferrero products apart from others.

Where do we get it from?

We aim to use local milk.  Our milk supply chains are characteristically short, to enable direct contact between milk producers and processors.  This is how we ensure the best quality and freshness.

Ferrero applies high standards for its milk suppliers worldwide, above and beyond national regulations, and constantly encourages its suppliers towards the best practices of milk production. In fact, milk is collected directly from our dairy partners, with no more than 48 hours between collection and powder production.

How do we address quality and sustainability?

The milk contained in our products is 100% traceable and contributing to this achievement is our Milk Supply Chain Partnership Project, developed with our two largest suppliers, Inalpi (Italy) and Mittelelbe (Germany). Our supply of milk is also controlled, with frequent and detailed audits conducted on suppliers on factors relating to milk quality. Finally our partnerships are sustainable, through the implementation of practices that improve animal welfare and reduce environmental impact.

Did you know?
Freshness contributes to the great taste: Ferrero milk is turned into powder within 48 hours of collection.
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