Hazelnuts In Brief

We aim to have all of our hazelnuts completely traceable by 2023
We have 100% traceability in 3 of our hazelnut source countries: Chile, Argentina, and the USA
Hazelnuts are a key ingredient in Ferrero products such as Nutella and Kinder Bueno

Why do we use it?

Hazelnuts are a key ingredient for us at Ferrero –They characterise the unique taste in in many of our trademark products including Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno.

Where do we get it from?

Most of the world’s supply of hazelnuts comes from Turkey, but Ferrero has established 100% traceable plantations in Chile, Argentina and the USA in order to create a year-round supply. Ferrero are additionally encouraging hazelnut cultivation in other countries such as Australia, Georgia and Serbia.

How do we address quality and sustainability?

In addition, as the world’s largest user of hazelnuts, Ferrero has embraced the responsibility to ensure our hazelnuts are sustainable and ethically sourced. We have already achieved 100% sustainability in 3 source countries: Chile, Argentina, and the USA. And we aim to have 100% global traceability by 2023. The Ferrero Hazelnut Company was created with the aim of bringing together all parties operating within our hazelnut supply chain under a single organisation.


Tracing the hazelnuts’, we use back to the farm level gives us confidence in how they’re grown and enables us to support farmers and suppliers in developing better social and environmental practices. The Company is also championing innovation in sustainable farming, with intense research programmes led by scientists at our dedicated hazelnut research facilities and through collaborations with important research bodies and universities. With our aims including the investigation of innovative approaches to maintaining or increasing the level of organic atter in soil, helping to minimise the use of mineral fertilisers, providing consistently higher quality hazelnuts.

Ferrero’s ambition is to help the hazelnut industry evolve so farmers and their communities thrive, workers’ and children’s rights are unequivocally respected, and environmental values are enhanced through regenerative agricultural practices

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Did you know?
Turkey produces around 75% of the world’s hazelnuts annually.
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